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All services / deliveries of the online store, property of Poc a Pots are concerned by the GCS mentioned below.

1. Acceptance of Terms

The customer acknowledges having read, at the time of placing the order, the special conditions of sale set out on this screen and expressly declares to accept them without reservation.
These general conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between Poc a Pots and its customer, both parties accepting them without reservation. These general conditions of sale will prevail over all other conditions appearing in any other document, except prior, express and written derogation.

2. Products

The photographs illustrating the products do not enter into the contractual field. If errors are introduced, in no case, the responsibility of Poc a Pots can not be engaged. The majority of the products offered to its customers by Poc a Pots are available. However, in case of unavailability of a product ordered, Poc a Pots undertakes to replace it with a product at least equivalent, or of a higher range.

3. Order

Automatic recording systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the order. Poc a Pots confirms the acceptance of his order to the customer at the email address that he will have communicated. The sale will only be concluded once the order has been confirmed. Poc a Pots reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order. The information given by the buyer, when taking the order, commits him: in the event of an error in the wording of the recipient's contact details, the seller cannot be held responsible for the impossibility in which it could be to deliver the product.

For obvious hygiene issues, no goods will be returned or exchanged. In case of out of stock, a product of equivalent quality is offered.

4. Delivery to Barcelona, Spain (city) postcodes from 08001 to 08041

4-1 Delivery:

Poc a Pots cannot be held responsible for an impediment to delivery linked to a case of force majeure: fire, vandalism on vehicles, weather, natural disaster, road or street closure, or any other reason beyond our control.

ATTENTION: additional delivery costs may be applied for special orders outside the covered area automatically on the site.

4-2 Delivery times:

After order confirmation, Poc a Pots undertakes to deliver the products ordered in the selected time slot within a maximum of 2 hours. Otherwise a full or partial refund depending on the agreement between the parties will be made.

4-3 Method of Delivery.

For reasons of availability, an order may be delivered in several installments to the customer. The customer only pays for one delivery. If the customer wishes 2 places of delivery, he places 2 orders, with the related delivery costs.

5. Withdrawal

All orders are deemed to be firm upon registration. Please contact us as soon as possible via WhatSapp in case of error or modification in order to find a possible agreement.

6. Price

The price is expressed in euros.
The price indicated on the product sheets does not include VAT or transport.

7. Payment

The price charged to the customer is the price indicated on the order confirmation sent by Poc a Pots.
The price of the products is payable in cash on the day of the actual order.
Payment is made by credit card or bank transfer. Proof of transfer may be requested to validate the order.
Your credit card number is therefore directed to the Stripe or Paypal servers, your payment is made directly to these service providers in a secure environment without going through the store's server, a guarantee that is all the more important since your numbers are known only to these providers.
The order validated by the customer will only be considered effective when the bank payment centers concerned have given their agreement. In the event of refusal by the said centers, the order will be automatically cancelled. Furthermore, Poc a Pots reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute.

8. Disputes

This contract is subject to Spanish law.

Poc a Pots cannot be held liable for damages of any kind, whether material, immaterial or bodily, which may result from improper storage or improper use of the products marketed. The responsibility of Poc a Pots will, in any event, be limited to the amount of the order and cannot be blamed for simple errors or omissions which may have remained despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products. difficulties in the application of this contract, the buyer has the possibility, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution. It is recalled that the search for an amicable solution does not interrupt the "short time" of the legal guarantee, nor the duration of the contractual guarantee. It is recalled that as a general rule and subject to the judgment of the Courts, compliance with the provisions of this contract relating to the contractual guarantee assumes that the buyer honors his financial commitments to the seller.
Complaints or disputes will always be received with attentive benevolence, good faith being always presumed in those who take the trouble to explain their situations. In the event of a dispute, the customer will first contact the company to obtain an amicable solution.

9. Warranty

The products prepared and delivered must be consumed the same day.
In all cases Poc a Pots cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the regulations and laws in force in the country of receipt, the responsibility of Poc a Pots is systematically limited to the value of the product in question, value at its date of sale and this without the possibility of recourse to the brand or the company producing the product.
In any case, the customer benefits from the legal guarantee of eviction and hidden defects. On condition that the buyer proves the hidden defect, the seller must legally repair all the consequences; if the buyer goes to court, he must do so within a "prompt time" from the discovery of the hidden defect. You can contact customer service: via WhatSapp, our chat, our contact form or by e-mail to

10. Legal information

The information of personal information collected for the purposes of distance selling is mandatory, this information being essential for the processing and delivery of orders, the establishment of invoices and warranty contracts. The lack of information leads to the non-validation of the order. In accordance with European GDPR laws, the customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, which he can exercise with Poc a Pots. In addition, Poc a Pots undertakes never to communicate, free of charge or with consideration, the contact details of its customers to a third party.


Article 1: Application of the General Conditions of Sale

These General Conditions of Sale apply to the services provided by Poc a Pots, below mentions "the caterer", within the framework of the catering services described in the estimate sent to the customer.
These General Conditions of Sale are sent to the customer at the same time as the estimate, to enable him to place his order. Any order therefore implies on the part of the customer full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions, to the exclusion of any other document such as prospectuses, commercial documents, etc.
In the event of contradiction between the provisions appearing in the estimate signed by the customer and those appearing in these General Conditions of Sale, the provisions of the estimate alone are applicable.

Article 2: Reservation

The Customer's order is definitively registered upon receipt by the caterer of this estimate duly dated and signed by the customer, bearing the commercial stamp of the customer and the mention "Good for agreement", and accompanied by a deposit of 50% of the total amount. of the service.

Article 3: Booking confirmation

Our catering service is strictly linked to the confirmation of the rental of the reception area. Any modification or cancellation of the room rental contract may have consequences for our catering services and lead to changes in them. They must therefore be communicated to us as soon as possible. In any case, the caterer can in no way be held responsible for these modifications or cancellations and their consequences. The caterer will in no way bear the burden of costs incurred, nor that of the cancellation or postponement of the event and will not recognize any compensation, damages or interest.
The customer must confirm the quote no later than:
– if the event takes place within the following 30 days: 10 days following the date of issue thereof,
– if the event takes place in more than 30 days: at least 20 working days before the date of receipt.

The exact number of guests expected for each service must be communicated in writing to the caterer, 7 working days before the start date of the event (Saturday and Sunday not included). Failing this, the number of place settings appearing on the quote will serve as the minimum billing basis. It is specified that products not consumed as part of a package cannot give rise to a price reduction.

Article 4: Modification of services

Any request for modification of the services compared to the accepted estimate must be sent in writing (email) to the address In the absence of written acceptance by the caterer within 8 days of receipt of the request, the contract is deemed to continue according to the terms and conditions determined in the quote accepted by the customer.

Article 5: Cancellation

Billing being made on the basis of the services reserved, the customer is invited to pay the greatest attention to the cancellation conditions below:

Cancellations, of all or part of the initial order, must be sent in writing to the caterer.

  • In case of notification received more than 30 days before the start date of the event, the deposit will be returned to the customer within 8 days of the notification.
  • In the event of notification of cancellation received less than 15 days before the start date of the event, the caterer will keep the deposit paid as compensation.
  • In the event of notification of cancellation received less than 8 days before the date of the event, the customer must pay 90% the full amount of the service appearing in the estimate.
  • In the event of notification of cancellation received less than 48 hours before the date of the event, the Customer must pay the full amount of the service appearing in the estimate.

Article 6: Price

The prices are expressed net excluding taxes. The rates confirmed on the quote are firm for 1 month from the date the quote is sent to the customer. After this period, they are subject to change depending on economic conditions. The applicable rates are then those in force on the day of the performance of the service.

Prices may be modified in the event of a legislative and/or regulatory change likely to lead to price variations such as: modification of the applicable VAT rate, introduction of new taxes, etc.

Article 7: Overtime

In the event of exceeding the schedule fixed in the quote, overtime will be invoiced: During the day from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.: at the rate of €30 excluding tax per hour, per server present.
Night rate from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.: at the rate of €45 excluding tax per hour, per server present

Article 8: Terms of payment

At the end of his option (see art.3), the customer must have signed the commercial contract and paid the confirmation deposit calculated according to the amount of the estimate, for which he will receive a deposit invoice.
The net amount of this deposit is deducted from the final invoice (balance) subject to the possible application of cancellation indemnities.
Unless otherwise provided in the contract, invoices for the balance are established by the caterer, and are payable upon receipt.
In the event of disagreement on a part of the invoice, the customer undertakes to pay the undisputed part without delay and to indicate in writing to the caterer the reason for the dispute.
The extra order (drinks, etc.) requested by one or more participants will be submitted to the customer or to the person in charge of the event present for authorization which he will give by signing our instruction sheet. A copy of it will be attached to the final invoice.
Any late payment will give rise to the invoicing of late payment penalties equal to the legal interest rate in force. All costs that the caterer would have to bear in respect of the collection of outstanding debts will be borne by the customer.
The customer is responsible for all damage caused by his intermediary (in particular by the participants or their guests) and undertakes, in the event of deterioration of the service equipment made available, to bear the costs of repairing and/or or replacement costs.

Section 9: Recommendations

The customer agrees to invite only people whose behavior is not likely, in any way, to harm the staff and equipment of the caterer who serves them.
The latter reserves the right to intervene if necessary. The client may not bring in drinks or foodstuffs from outside. The customer undertakes to ensure that the participants and their guests respect all the instructions and regulations of the establishment and the caterer (in particular the ban on smoking in premises for collective use). The customer will ensure that the participants do not disturb the operation of the caterer or affect the security of the establishment as well as the people who are there.

Article 10: Force majeure

The caterer may release himself from his obligations or suspend their execution if he finds himself unable to assume them due to the occurrence of an exceptional event, or a case of force majeure, and in particular in the event of total or partial destruction of the establishment, strike, etc.

Article 11: Complaints and disputes

Any dispute and complaint can only be taken into account if it is formulated in writing and sent to the caterer within a maximum period of 5 days after the end of the event.

Minors: the sale of alcohol to minors under the age of 16 is prohibited. Anyone ordering wine or beer or any form of alcoholic beverage at Poc a Pots therefore undertakes to be 16 years old on the date of the order. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Know how to consume in moderation.